Happy Holidays 2018!

     We had a fun filled and festive holiday photo shoot over at Safe Hands HQ!  Elias was a bit skeptical at first.  He struggled to understand his character’s motivation…fly all over the world giving treats to OTHER pups??  Then he learned tasty treat would reward his quality performance.  Ah!  He got it!   …

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Eugene – From Rags to Riches!

Eugene is a name that comes from the Greek language meaning “noble” or “well-born”. You wouldn’t guess that to look at him when we found him abandoned in a rural shelter.  His fur was patchy, matted and dirty.  His toenails were long and curled around.  He was downcast and down trodden.  Life had not been…

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The Chihuahua Mafia

    Sure they may look all innocent like this is just a cute pile of pups.  Don’t let them fool you.  This is the making of a mafia…the Chihuahua mafia to be exact. And this is The Godfather.     First it is very important to make sure everyone knows you are in charge. …

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Roo – the tiniest puppy!

At three weeks old and weighing just 7 ounces Roo is the smallest pup we’ve had in Safe Hands Rescue. She arrived with her mom and siblings (all over twice her size!).  She was struggling to breathe and she had to be put in an oxygen tent.        With warmth, antibiotics and her…

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She doesn’t know us.  We anxiously await her arrival.  She curls in a ball, wrapped in a blanket in her travel crate.  We wait and worry and fret.  She doesn’t know us.  She doesn’t know where she is going or what comes next.  Yet she still musters all her strength and fortitude to stay alive.…

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Tri-pawd Charlie

This was how we first made Charlie’s acquaintance.  He’d been picked up stray and brought to one of our partner shelters in rural Appalachia.  He had a bum leg they told us.  He needed help.      He arrived all big smiles and a goofiness we would come to know and love in the many…

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Amazing Alice & the bottle babies

  Amazing Alice was found as a stray momma with two freshly weaned pups.  They were brought to an overcrowded rural shelter.  By kismet, fate or chance, four tiny babies were found left outside on their own to die.  They were brought to the same shelter.  This is when magic happened.     These four…

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Harvey & Zya

Harvey and Zya both came to Safe Hands Rescue in dire need of help.   Harvey chose the right porch to curl up on as a stray in desperate need in SE Kentucky.  The family that lived there gave him blankets food and water and looked for help.  Safe Hands Rescue saw the plea and…

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Dobby McDobson

Dobby arrived at the shelter, a tiny baby, nearly blind. Dobby was in rough shape so Pilot Stuart with Pilots N Paws brought him and his littermates to Safe Hands Rescue. He arrived tired and weak,   unable to stand on his own.  He loved his giant bear   and snuggling with his sister.  …

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Photos, Dogs, Puppies and …Health Benefits? Oh my!

Your Furry Valentine…  Who loves you best?  You’d better bet your pet!  Commemorate your love in photos on Saturday, February 10th at My Furry Valentine!  Metro Dogs Daycare and Boarding is hosting a photo fundraiser to benefit Safe Hands!. This event takes place from 12 – 4 P.M. and will be held at Metro Dogs Daycare and…

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