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The dream of opening The Safe House, our rescue property in Kentucky, was realized earlier this year. Since then, hundreds of animals have already been housed, given critical medical care, and kept safe until they make the journey up north to the Midwest. As many as 20 animals have been brought to The Safe House for a second chance in just one day.

Here, they are well taken care of and receive life-saving medical attention, good food, and shelter away from the weather, predators, and other dangers. This litter of 6 needed all The Safe House has to offer, and we are so glad we were there to help them.


At just 4 weeks old and 2 ½ lbs each, they found themselves dumped in a stranger’s yard and without a momma to watch over them. These babies desperately needed more care and attention than local shelters could provide. We don’t know what happened to their momma, but it’s clear they miss her and were very sad when they arrived. We combine milk replacer and puppy food for them to eat and watch them round-the-clock to make sure they are eating enough.

Unfortunately, all of these pups tested positive for parvo soon after arriving at The Safe House. Without treatment parvo has a 90% chance of being fatal and these kids were already weak. But, we didn't give up... and neither did these kids. Despite how exhausted their little bodies were, their spirits stayed strong. Safe Hands was able to provide the critical care needed to treat the virus, and thankfully all 6 pulled through! They were tested a few days later and all of them were negative. They have beaten the odds over and over again in their short lives, but we like to tell them that things will only get better from here.

Parvo positive pups

We are able to save more animals than ever before because of The Safe House. Now that we have ‘boots on the ground,’ puppies like this litter have a chance at life… a chance they wouldn’t have had before.

We estimate it costs about $8,000 each month to run The Safe House. This includes staffing, the mortgage payment, gas, water, electricity, sewage-- the basic needs that make it possible to keep the property up and running. You can help cover the costs of these monthly expenses by becoming a monthly donor.

As a thank you for joining this group of Champions who keep things running down in Kentucky, we’ve created a separate Facebook group AND will be launching a monthly email with an exclusive rescue story straight from The Safe House!

Please consider becoming a Champion for the Underdog! Your monthly gift to Safe Hands Rescue is what will make it possible to keep saying ‘yes’ to animals in need.