Mom & Me

041 MomandMe-Color

During the spring and summer months we see a major influx of pregnant Moms and Moms with litters of kittens who need rescue. All too often the kittens get adopted quickly and Mom waits for her chance at a family.  Moms and kittens often form close bonds and do well together in homes.  So to keep families together and allow our Moms the opportunity to get into a new home sooner, our new "Mom & Me" program allows adopters to adopt a kitten at our regular fee and adopt Momma for only $100!  That's a big savings and two deserving kitties get a home.

If you are interested in this program look for the cat/kittens with the Mom and Me Program logo and information in their bio.  Fill out an application and indicate the mom and which one of her kittens you are interested in.  The application will be reviewed and forwarded to the foster who can give you more information about the kitties and the program!

Check out our Adoptable Cats and watch for the "Mom & Me" logo as well as information in their bio indicating they are eligible for this program.

This is a special program and only applies when we have a mom with a litter of kittens.