Our Adoption Process

How does it work?

We adopt to homes in Minnesota and Wisconsin. 

Step 1:  Find A Potential Match.  Browse our Adoptable Pet Listings and fill out our Adoption Application if you see a pet you are interested in meeting.  Your application will be reviewed and you may receive follow up questions.  If it seems like a potential match you will be contacted by the pet’s foster parent.

Step 2:  Meet the pet.  If you and the foster parent agree this could be a good fit the foster parent will work with you to schedule a time you can meet the pet.  This meeting may take place at the foster home, your home, a Meet & Greet event or a neutral location.  All family members must be present at the meeting.  The resident pets and foster pet must meet prior to continuing the adoption process.

Step 3:  Adoption approval process - Email safehands@safehandsrescue.org to confirm you want to move forward with adopting the pet.  An organization representative will speak with the foster parent about the meeting.  Any necessary landlord checks will be completed.  Most cities have a limit to how many animals you may have on your property.  You are responsible for knowing and staying in those designated city limits.  If all parties agree this seems to be a good match we move to Step 4.

Step 4: If you would like to move forward with your adoption and your application is accepted, you’ll receive an email with a contract and payment link, and the foster will coordinate a pickup of the animal with you.

Jonas M pup 3 - Version 2

Adoption Fees

Dog adoption fees include the cost of spay/neuter surgery, de-worming, flea/tick preventative, heartworm test (for dogs and puppies seven months or older) and age-appropriate rabies and distemper vaccinations.

Cat adoption fees include the cost of spay/neuter surgery, de-worming, and age-appropriate vaccinations.  We test cats 6 months and older for FeLV/FIV.

Adoption fees help offset the costs involved to rescue companion animals, provide for their medical care and prepare them for adoption.  Adoption fees are non-negotiable and often do not cover all expenses!

 $175-$300 for cats, $350-$625 for dogs

Adoption Support

Have questions about what to expect as you adopt a pet? Try the Pet Adoption Gateway, a free, trusted guide to help you along your pet adoption journey!  click here for more information

Special Adoption Programs

Mom & Me

During the spring and summer months we see a major influx of pregnant Moms and Moms with litters of kittens who need rescue. All too often the kittens get adopted quickly and Mom waits for her chance at a family.  Moms and kittens often form close bonds and do well together in homes.  So to keep families together and allow our Moms the opportunity to get into a new home sooner, our new "Mom & Me" program allows adopters to adopt a kitten at our regular fee and adopt Momma for only $100!  That's a big savings and two deserving kitties get a home. Click here to learn more.

Foster to Adopt

Thank you for your interest in our Foster To Adopt Program. This program allows families the unique opportunity to act as temporary caretakers to an animal before making the decision to adopt.  This ensures it is a good fit for all parties before committing long-term. We provide all the food, medications, toys, treats, bedding, collars/leash  - you provide a warm home and love.  Click here to learn more.

Please note:  Animals eligible for this program will say "Foster To Adopt" under their picture.  If they do not, please fill out the "Dog Adoption Application"