Safe Hands Rescue "PUP-UP"


Thank you for your interest in wanting to have a De-Stress Puppy Play Date at your company.  It is a known fact that pets have a wonderful effect on people.  Work is the #1 stress in the U.S.  Studies show that approximately 77% of people feel physical symptoms of stress.  Dogs and puppies can reduce stress, lower blood pressure, and increase social interaction, in and out of the workplace.

Safe Hands goals in conducting De-Stress Puppy Play Dates:

  • Create good will with Corporations by providing a fun de-stress event for employees.  Develop and nurture these relationships.
  • Fundraising - to receive support in the form of a donation from either the company and/or the employees by raising funds to help Safe Hands fulfill their daily mission.
  • Generate awareness of Safe Hands Rescue for dog adoption and for volunteer opportunities.
  • Promote dog adoption.

Criteria for attending a Company event:

  1. Event may or may not be feasible due to availability of pups/dogs able to attend and timing of event.  That will be determined for each specific event request.
  2. Minimum of a $500 tax-deductible donation from the Company or matched employee donations.
  3. Promotion of the event company-wide to encourage a good attendance numbers.
  4. Primary contact from company in attendance for entire event.
  5. Shaded grassy area or patio - if not, then tent(s) are required.
  6. Access to water.
  7. Parking arranged for rescue volunteers (reserved for # of cars of attendees).
  8. Access to restrooms.

If interested please contact us at

Examples of Events promoted at Twin Cities Companies:

Safe Hands Rescue "PUP-UP" De-stress Play Dates

We really enjoyed the puppy play-date put together by Safe Hands Rescue!


We really enjoyed the puppy play-date put together by Safe Hands Rescue!