Golden Ticket

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The Golden Ticket is a sponsorship program that lets you become a lifesaving superhero!

Do you want to help save homeless dogs or cats but can’t foster or adopt? You can sponsor a dog or cat and provide their “Golden Ticket” to ride the Freedom Train for $50 each! Your gift will take them out of high intake, low adoption shelters where they have little hope, to our rescue where they will get a second chance to have a great life.

Your sponsorship pays for their vet exam, vaccinations, and health certificate, as well as transportation expenses.

If you would like to help save a life by giving a Golden Ticket:

  1. Review the Fosters Needed album below. Not all dogs or cats in need are pictured.  If you don't have a preference, leave your Golden Ticket open and we can select for you one of the many dogs or cats that need a ticket to ride, who may or man not be pictured.
  2. Click on the Sponsor A Dog or Cat button below and indicate the donation amount and the name/names of the dog/s or cat/s you’d like to help save. You can also specify if you have a preference for a dog or a cat. It can be difficult to choose so if you are open to any you can indicate that as well!
    • If you are sponsoring a specific dog or cat and they already have a Golden Ticket, or have been rescued by another group or adopted, we will give your ticket to another lucky dog or cat.
    • If the dog or cat you have selected is not granted a health certificate to travel or does not have a foster home, your ticket will be given to a dog or cat that can make the trip and has a foster home.
    • If all the dogs or cats awaiting the next transport are sponsored, we will award your ticket to a dog or cat on a future transport.

After the transport has arrived you will receive an updated photo of the dog or cat you helped give a new lease on life. You’ll also receive a Golden Ticket certificate. Acknowledgment of your gift will be posted on our website (with your permission!) along with the dog or cat's photo.

The deadline to sponsor a dog or cat on transport weeks is Friday noon!

Note:  Company matches can not be applied to Golden Tickets.

New dog intake, adoptable dogs from Safe Hands
New dog intake, adoptable dogs from Safe Hands
Huck collage sitting wborder 2016

Fosters Needed!

The Freedom Train runs every other weekend arriving in Minneapolis on Saturday afternoons. If you can help by opening your home and heart to a dog or cat in need please email us at or fill out the foster application at Let's get this party started! Please help spread the word!

Go to Safe Hands Facebook page to see the dogs who need Golden Tickets.