Golden Ticket

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The Golden Ticket is a sponsorship program that lets you become a lifesaving superhero!

Do you want to help save homeless dogs or cats but can’t foster or adopt? You can sponsor a dog or cat and provide their “Golden Ticket” to hitch a ride up north for $50 each! Your gift will take them out of high intake, low adoption shelters where they have little hope, to our rescue where they will get a second chance to have a great life.

Your sponsorship pays for their vet exam, vaccinations, and health certificate, as well as transportation expenses.

If you would like to help save a life by giving a Golden Ticket:

Click on the Sponsor A Dog or Cat button below and indicate the amount you’d like to donate in increments of $50. Each $50 donation is one Golden Ticket!

    • Your ticket will be given to a companion animal in need, ensuring they get a great start to their new, happy life.
    • If you have a preference to sponsor one specific animal or species (dog or cat), let us know in the ‘notes’ field near the bottom of the form. Please note: not all transports include cats! If your preference was for a cat but there are none left, your ticket will be given to a lucky dog.
    • If all the dogs or cats awaiting the next transport are sponsored, we will award your ticket to a dog or cat on a future transport.

After the transport has arrived you will receive an updated photo of the dog or cat you helped give a new lease on life. You’ll also receive a Golden Ticket certificate. Acknowledgment of your gift will be posted on our website (with your permission!) along with the dog or cat's photo.

The deadline to sponsor a dog or cat on transport weeks is Friday noon!

Note:  Company matches can not be applied to Golden Tickets.