Annie’s Story

Rescue animals have so much love to give. For many of them, the day they come to Safe Hands is the first time they have the opportunity to show it. There is a special place in my heart for the seniors we rescue. We don’t know their whole life story, but we know they’ve been through a lot of hard times. That’s over now. Pups like Annie, who found herself in a shelter with little hope at age eight, will live a life full of love from the moment they come to Safe Hands.


Annie had been at one of our partner shelters for at least a month before we met her. She, like so many other seniors, was unlikely to be adopted out from the shelter. Annie was also in need of medical attention– she had almost no teeth left in her mouth, and both of her ears were badly infected. She was in pain. 

It broke my heart, but with just a couple of days left until transport, The Safe House was full. We had to leave her at the shelter, but knew we would be back for her very soon. An amazing foster offered to take her in, and before she knew it, Annie was on our transport van heading up to Minnesota. 


From the moment we met her, Annie has been the sweetest, gentlest girl. Her foster mom says Annie has a heart of gold and is full of calm, happy energy. While she waits for her forever home, she keeps busy by trying out every dog bed, human bed, couch and chair in the house.  She likes them all!  Annie is really getting used to this good life where she can feel safe and cozy all the time. When she isn’t snuggling or learning to play, she likes to settle down with a kong full of peanut butter and find a sun beam to enjoy it in. 








Annie is happy. Every time her foster family walks into the room, her tail begins to wag. She loves getting pets and will bring so much happiness to her future forever family, whoever they are. This is what Annie deserves; thanks to you, this new life for her is possible.

If you are interested in being Annie’s home and family please fill out the adoption application here.

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