Missy’s Pups

There are so many incredible acts of kindness from community members down here in Kentucky, and these nine pups and their momma are alive because of one amazing person named Missy. She rescued a very pregnant dog from a dangerous situation and nursed her back to health. 

When momma gave birth to her nine puppies, Missy cared for them until they were weaned. Then, she began to look for a rescue whe could help the pups. She knew a shelter wouldn’t have the resources to give them all they needed at such a young age. In the meantime, Missy played with them every day and loved them very much. Her grandchildren met them, and her granddaughter prayed for someone to help grandma with the puppies. 


When Safe Hands Rescue said yes to taking in these adorable pups, Missy cried. And, to be honest, we were a bit misty too. We paid for the momma dog to be spayed, and Missy will be keeping her– momma will have an amazing life with an amazing person.


Moments like these are why we are so thankful for The Safe House. We could help those pups because we’re down here where we are needed most. Missy is one of so many amazing people here in the community who loves and cares for pups in need, and we are grateful to partner with all of them. All nine pups are safe and sound, in loving foster homes… a happy ending that is made possible by animal lovers like you.

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Lynne Bengston

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