Wilson’s Story

It’s hard to believe how much of a difference a few weeks can make. When we first met Wilson, he was hiding under a bed, shaking and absolutely terrified. He was at one of our partner shelters and they were worried they wouldn’t be able to adopt such a fearful dog to anyone. His story nearly ended there.

We were able to give Wilson a second chance because of supporters like you. He was brought to The Safe House where he could be given the gift of time– time to learn that the world isn’t so scary. Time to learn that he can be loved. He’d come from a hoarding situation with three other dogs, 62 chickens, 50 mice, and various other animals all living inside the same home. So much of his life had been scary. Now, Wilson was able to feel safe.

It didn’t take long for Wilson to show what a character he really is. Each morning, he pranced and twirled around, showing us how happy he was to see us. Wilson followed us around the clinic while we fed the other animals, and greeted all the puppies in their pens throughout the building. He made fast friends with other dogs when he got to play outside. 

Before long, Wilson was ready to come up north to a foster home. He absolutely loves his foster mom and is learning how fun it is to play fetch, run around the backyard, and play with his favorite stuffed animals. He’s getting braver every day, and with each passing week it’s easy to see that he is loving life more and more. While he waits for a forever home, he spends his days getting snacks and snuggles. This transformation, this new life for Wilson and so many others, is possible because of you. Thank you for believing in them, and giving them a second chance.

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Lynne Bengston

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