Adoption Updates: Happy Tails of Roo & Bernie


Adopted September, 2023

“We’ve had Roo (FKA Bunny) for over two months now. She’s doing so well! We are just in love with her!  She is just the sweetest, easy going pup. She does great in the kennel now, and has recently started sleeping in my daughter’s room with her at night. She sits and lays down like a champ! She LOVES going on walks and playing with her pup siblings. We’re so grateful for the opportunity to be this girl’s forever family!

Thank you so much, Safe Hands Rescue!!”



Adopted July, 2021

“We adopted Bernie from Safe Hands a little over two years ago.  We were going through a very difficult fertility journey and after another devastating setback, we decided to turn our sadness into hope by adopting a third dog. When we found Bernie we knew he was absolutely the perfect pick. He got along with his future fur brothers, he warmed up to us and our home immediately, and his name started with a ‘B’ (our other two dogs also have ‘B’ names – Benjamin Franklin and Berkeley). And even though Bernie was a senior dog (10 when we adopted him), it was clear he had so much left to give. Needless to say we knew immediately Bernie was supposed to be a part of our family. 

Fast forward 28 months (and one human sister!) later, and unsurprisingly, Bernie has brought us all so much love and life. His zest for walks, passion for snuggles and infinite patience for his sister continues to bring us so much joy. When we decided to adopt a third dog many in our lives thought we were crazy, but it was one of the best decisions we made. It gave us light during a dark time, and we saved a very deserving life. Thank you to Safe Hands for bringing Bernie into our lives! He is our ‘little prince,’ and we couldn’t imagine our days without him!”


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