Penny’s Story

Penny was worried. She found herself in a small wire cage at an overcrowded shelter and she was about to give birth. She did not want to have her babies here. It was loud. There were other animals all around to peer into her crate and people in and out. It did not feel safe.

Mommas to be deserve a calm, warm, quiet place to have and raise their pups. When we found out about Penny we brought her to our Safe House right away. Turns out not a moment too soon. She settled in and soon felt comfortable. Twenty four hours later we had seven newborns!

Once the pups were strong enough this little family moved to Minnesota where a foster home awaited.
Penny was able to raise her pups with all they needed to thrive. With soft blankets, good food, toys and
plenty of love, Penny was happy and secure.

Once Penny’s pups were weaned they all found homes of their own, and so did sweet momma Penny.

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Lynne Bengston

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