Harvey & Zya

Harvey and Zya both came to Safe Hands Rescue in dire need of help.


Harvey chose the right porch to curl up on as a stray in desperate need in SE Kentucky.  The family that lived there gave him blankets food and water and looked for help.  Safe Hands Rescue saw the plea and soon Harvey was in our care.


Harvey’s road to healing included baths, lots of naps, and more baths!


He had some “un-glamour” shots along the way to document his progress.

This is Harvey’s best “I didn’t do it” face.  As he felt better, his mischievous side came out.

Despite his protests of innocence…the photographic evidence suggested otherwise.

Soon the day would come when Harvey was all healed up.  He was ready to go home!

He has a new brother and best friend named Miles, also a Safe Hands alumni dog!



Zya was just a baby, no more than eight weeks old.  At this tender age she was already the victim of abuse.  She had been kicked hard enough to break her leg.  She needed surgery to fix the bone so it would grow straight and strong.


She joined Safe Hands a sad little puppy and immediately was off to the orthopedic surgeon.  Dr. Jackson fixed her leg right up and soon she was on her way to foster care to recover.


Keeping a young puppy occupied without moving too much is no small feat…we were grateful for the toys so many people donated to keep her busy!

The day finally came when Zya Rae was fully healed and ready for a home of her own.  She’s living life large and loving every minute of it now!


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  1. Konstanza Scheurer on January 20, 2020 at 6:29 pm

    What incredible work you do, AVA LU has now rescued 5 dogs with Golden Tickets, she wants no doggie left behind, very passionate and grateful for her rescue 2 1/2 years ago. Her favorite toy is Harriet the Hedgehog, but she also has a bunny, zebra and lion. Because she was a breeder rescue she has now learned how to be a dog 🐶. A very dear friend said to me last week, DOG is GOD spelled backwards. So pure, unconditional love, thank you 💝 love Woof 🐾 🌟 from AVA LU 🐶💚💜💙💛

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