Amazing Alice & the bottle babies


Amazing Alice was found as a stray momma with two freshly weaned pups.  They were brought to an overcrowded rural shelter.  By kismet, fate or chance, four tiny babies were found left outside on their own to die.  They were brought to the same shelter.  This is when magic happened.


These four tiny babies were cold.  They need help fast.  The shelter gave them to Alice.  She took them in as her own.


She kept them warm and fed them as best she could.


Alice didn’t have enough milk to go around so we helped her care for them.  There were A LOT of bottles fed!


Bottles are yummy…and make us sleepy!

Speaking of sleeping…they sure are cute when they sleep!


Or when they are awake, pretty cute them too!


Alice did not always approve of the job I did caring for them and she let me know.  She forgave me though!

And every now and then…life imitates art.








Alice continued to be a great mom and when the babies were ready for homes of their own, Alice was too.

And they all lived happily ever after!

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