Tri-pawd Charlie

This was how we first made Charlie’s acquaintance.  He’d been picked up stray and brought to one of our partner shelters in rural Appalachia.  He had a bum leg they told us.  He needed help.


He arrived all big smiles and a goofiness we would come to know and love in the many months ahead.

Unfortunately there was too much damage to his leg and it had to be amputated.  Even that could not dampen Charlie’s spirits or diminish his smile.

He was always game and always a good sport!

He was dealt another harsh blow.  Just months after recovering from his leg amputation Charlie became painful in his other hip.  X-rays showed degeneration in the joint.  He required another surgery.  As a tri-pod already…this one came with a much longer confinement and recuperation time.


Charlie became a regular at Twin Cities Animal Rehabilitation Clinic walking on the underwater treadmill and doing stretching and other strengthening exercises.

Finally Charlie was back on his feet again…all three of them!


And through it all his spirit and smile remained unchanged.

At long last, thirteen months and two days after joining Safe Hands Rescue, Charlie was adopted, he was HOME!

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Lynne Bengston

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