Dobby McDobson

Dobby arrived at the shelter, a tiny baby, nearly blind.

Dobby was in rough shape so Pilot Stuart with Pilots N Paws brought him and his littermates to Safe Hands Rescue.

He arrived tired and weak,

  unable to stand on his own. 

He loved his giant bear


and snuggling with his sister.


He ate good food and grew stronger.

  When your sister doesn’t share well… it’s fine, you just eat right out of the bag!


Dobby visited the doctor a few times…unfortunately his vision could not be restored.  He does see some shadows or light and dark.  He still found the door to leave!

He also learned all about “outside” and “snow”.  He had some thoughts and feelings about it.


Ok so here’s the picture of just how he felt about it.

Finally Dobby was ready to be adopted.


Dobby found the perfect family who adore him just the way he is!  He is healthy, happy and Home!


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