Roxie’s Rescue Story

When Roxie arrived at our Safe House her condition was dire.  We weren’t sure she would survive. She was badly dehydrated and emaciated, so weak she could barely sit up. 

The vet clinic was already closed and the nearest emergency vet was two hours away.  We didn’t think she had that long to wait.

Roxie received sub Q fluids and glucose immediately.  A quick test proved her to be parvo negative so we warmed her and began trickle feeding.  Roxie is a fighter. She is a survivor.  Slowly but surely we saw the life creep back into her eyes.

Once Roxie was stable we noticed that she is visually impaired.  She appears to have some vision; she can follow a hand moving in front of her face.  But she would also run into the sides of her x-pen and she doesn’t seem to track far away.  Roxie doesn’t let it slow her down for one minute though!

She is a lover, a snuggle bug and a brave little soul.  She’s always ready for exploration and adventure.  She is a vibrant, vivacious girl who spreads happiness wherever she goes!

Roxie is looking for her home and family, if you think that might be you…fill out an adoption application HERE!

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Lynne Bengston

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