Rocky is sunshine. Rocky is a cool breeze on a hot day. Rocky is the cold side of the pillow, a perfectly ripe peach, your best friend who always gets you and is always there. The point is, Rocky is everything good in this world.

Rocky has no reason to be. He lived at a home with far too many other dogs and a man who was unkind and hit and kicked them, never fed them enough. I often wonder what makes dogs like Rocky hold on for another day, always hopeful that something better is on the horizon. Especially when they have no cause to believe.

Salvation came for Rocky last week and not a moment too soon. He is emaciated, every bone in his body sharp under nothing but skin. Rocky also had a grievous wound to his rear right leg. It was swollen, badly infected. X-rays revealed it was also shattered. And still, he is pure sweetness and light. He is so happy to have good food, good care, pain medication, antibiotics…but mostly love. He can’t get enough. He revels in it. His smile is a joy to behold. His happiness is contagious.

Not content to lay on his soft blankets, Rocky follows us around the Safe House. I told Laura the other day her shadow had a very funny shape. He trailed behind her from task to task just in case she wanted to give him a head rub in between. Of course she did, good call Rocky.

Due to the extent of damage and infection the only option is to take Rocky’s leg to save his life. Rocky deserves everything good in this world. Everything he was previously denied. We want to be sure he gets the chance to have it. I hope you do too. If you can help with a donation to his surgery, Rocky and I would be so grateful. I’ll update once his surgery is done and he’s out of the hospital. Thank you for your support for deserving dogs like Rocky!

In gratitude,
Lynne Bengtson
Founder & Executive Director
Safe Hands Animal Rescue

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Lynne Bengston

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