Happy Holidays 2018!


We had a fun filled and festive holiday photo shoot over at Safe Hands HQ!  Elias was a bit skeptical at first.  He struggled to understand his character’s motivation…fly all over the world giving treats to OTHER pups??  Then he learned tasty treat would reward his quality performance.  Ah!  He got it!


He wasn’t the only one struggling to get into character.  Albert was feeling a bit “expressive”!


Three of the cutest little elves you ever will see!

Koa may have struggled to understand the concept just a bit.


Elliot really wanted to go for a regal and dramatic flair.


Ah there we go!  Koa still wasn’t entirely sure about our reindeer games.  Elliot was eager and ready to pull double reindeer duty.


Abner worried that his elf performance would damage his tough guy reputation while Nova and Elliot did their best to lend a sympathetic ear.

After a hard day’s work, they were finally ready to go home and take off the holiday tie!

Wishing everyone the happiest of holiday seasons, may yours be festive and bright!


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Lynne Bengston


  1. DeeDee Dhein on December 13, 2018 at 12:50 pm

    Love this!!

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