She did her best. Georgia tried to find a safe place to have her babies. If she ever had a home it was a long time ago. She took to hanging out in a neighborhood where people had been kind and often left her food. It wasn’t really enough for the growing babies in her belly, Georgia gave them everything while her own bones jutted out. But at least it was something. She chose an abandoned trailer in the area as her nesting place.

The babies arrived just as the weather was turning and the nights began to get cold. The people who had fed her knew she needed more now and they reached out for help. It wasn’t a moment too soon for this little family. The smallest baby, Gemma, was cold and limp. Jackie tucked Gemma in her sweatshirt for the drive to our Safe House.

Once warmed Miss Gemma took to the bottle. Georgia did her best to be a good mom but she needed help to raise her pups. Nine babies are a lot for any mom, let alone one so malnourished herself. With extra nutritious food for momma and supplemental feeding for the pups this sweet family flourished. The babies became roly poly, playful, pups with twinkling eyes and joyful smiles. Georgia filled out and beamed with pride and relief.

This loving little (big!) family are all in foster homes now. Georgia has found the family meant just for her and now it’s her babies’ turn. If you are interested in adopting one of Georgia’s pups you can see them with all our Adoptable Dogs HERE and fill out the adoption application HERE.

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Lynne Bengston


  1. Roanne Richardson on April 19, 2023 at 3:53 pm

    Crying!! Thanks so much for the rescue and your wonderful story. You should do a book.

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