Cold Weather Tips:

It’s unavoidable in Minnesota: cold weather.  Some dogs love the snow and tolerate cold temperatures.  Others balk at the door, preferring to stay inside on (or under!) a blanket.  But, no matter what, there are steps you can take to make our weather easier on your dog.

Remember that all dogs are different.  Some thick-coated dogs are better suited to our cold winters than others, so it’s important to watch your dog for cues.  If your pup lifts their paws repeatedly or shivers, it’s time to get them inside.

  • Sweaters and coats can make a big difference.  Not only will your dog look fashionable (and hilarious), the extra layer can make a chilly day more tolerable.
  • Try out some booties.  Dog booties, if they fit well, protect paws from cold and salt.  Your dog might need a little time to get used to wearing “shoes”, but they do help a lot on frigid days.
  • Limit time outside on very cold days.  Dogs, despite their fur, can get frostbite.
  • Watch out for ice–slippery steps and sidewalks can be difficult to navigate, especially for older pets.
  • After walks, wipe down your dog to remove salt and other potentially dangerous de-icing chemicals.  Also, some dogs with furry paws get clumps of ice wedged between their toes.
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Lynne Bengston

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