Adoption Updates

Tonks and Tink, formerly Bubbles and Buttercup, Adopted August 27th

“Formally Nymphadora and Tinker, these two are happily settled in. Tonks is mischievous and energetic and loves twist ties, coins and the other cats’ tails. Tink is more relaxed unless the refrigerator is opened and then she races to investigate.” – Brenna

Camus (as in Albert), formerly Leon, Adopted November 13th

“Camus loves car rides, playing tug of war with his dad, and treats! He enjoys being outside and checking out anything and everything there is to see and smell, except when it’s cold out. He just recently watched Mom and Dad put up the Christmas tree and thought it was fascinating. We love Camus so much.” –Alexis and Mike

Baci, formerly Aja, Adopted November 28th

“Baci (kiss in Italian) loves kissing her new family members. She has adapted to her new home and family and loves playing and snuggling. Thankfully. Baci loves the snow so she’s having a great start to 2023.” – Lisa

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