Callum’s Story

Some dogs arrive in such rough shape that it takes your breath away.  Poor Callum came to Safe Hands after being hit by a car.  Alone, dehydrated, emaciated, and unable to move, this poor pup was left in a ditch until a friend found him and brought him to us.

He was so scared and in so much pain that he wouldn’t eat on his own and had to be syringe fed.  After surgery to repair a broken femur and dislocated hip, Callum started to eat on his own.  Perhaps he was beginning to realize he was in a place where he would be cared for and loved.

However, Callum’s difficulties weren’t over.  Terribly underweight and dehydrated, he struggled to recover.  Even amid his suffering, he would sweetly wag his tail or enjoy a head scratch.  Still, there were more problems to come.


At the hospital, another issue was discovered: a large clot in his vena cava. He was too weak to surgically remove it so he was put on strict rest and blood thinners. He’d been starved for so long he had a hard time digesting food and he needed more medications, smaller meals, special foods. His body struggled to heal.


Thanks to the generosity of compassionate animal lovers, Callum got everything he needed. With round-the-clock care, love and patience, he began to gain weight and strength. The blood clot began to reduce in size.  His bones healed, his appetite returned.

Despite all he’d been through, Callum so wanted company and kindness.  Once he figured out that these new humans were good people, his gentleness and sweet nature blossomed for pets, tail wags, and little kisses. He even started to have a playful side…and a deep fondness for stuffed toys (his favorite, a stuffed cow) and chew sticks.

Finally, almost three months later, good news!  The clot was gone, and Callum was cleared to go on his first walks.  That was a little scary at first–there are a lot of new sounds and smells out there after all–but brave Callum started adjusting quickly.


Then came even better news: no activity restrictions!  Callum got to be the dog he was meant to be, with all the zoomies, fetch, and walks he deserved.  From hurting and afraid to joyful, friendly, and goofy, Callum’s journey was one for the books.  And it had a happy ending (or rather, beginning) too–the best news of all, adoption by a forever family.


Written by Tiffany Joseph

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