Owen’s Story

Owen arrived at The Safe House a tiny pup, just barely over 2 lbs.  He was also without the use of his hind legs. He had been dragging himself around causing open wounds on his underside.  A vet visit showed no broken bones but rather something neurologically awry.  We were told his condition was most likely permanent. 

But back at The Safe House we soon noticed something. Owen was trying so hard to stand.  He pushed with all his might on one hind leg, the other still hung lifeless.  It was enough to give us hope.

Owen started physical therapy and made progress little by little. One day, he was able to stand with a little support. A few days later, he stood on his own. Then, slowly he started to be able to take a few steps. This little boy was determined, nothing was going to stop him! From a tiny little puppy we were not sure would make it to one who was able to hop around and play, Owen is truly a miracle. 

After six weeks at The Safe House, Owen was Minneapolis bound to continue physical therapy in a foster home. 

Owen’s foster mom took him to a physical therapy clinic and worked on special exercises with him. Over the summer, he loved time outside, exploring the backyard.  His walking improved and he began running in his own special bunny hop style! He is an energetic, toy loving,  playful pup, just as he should be. 

Owen’s adventurous spirit comes out in his love for exploring. He enjoys checking out new parks and learning to walk on a leash.  He loves to meet new people and dogs. When it’s time to wind down, he likes to find a lap to snuggle in for the evening and loves to give kisses. While Owen will likely always have some limitations, his fighting spirit and loving personality will steal your heart. 

Owen has so much love to give and his story isn’t quite complete yet– he is still looking for his perfect family! If you think this special little guy is right for you, fill out an adoption application so his foster mom can reach out.  


Written by Anna Hotz

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  1. Anthony Beatt on December 27, 2021 at 1:57 am

    How old is owen and how big is he full grown? His story really moved me very sad but inspirational at the same time. If upi could please let me know a lil more about him i would love to get to kno more about him. Thank you.

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