Casey’s Story

The call for help came in June: an abandoned dog needed to be rescued.  The amazing Miss Becky set out in search of Casey in the mountains near a Civil War cemetery. Before long, she spotted him in the bushes. The first day, she tossed him food. The second day, Casey came scooting towards her on his belly, tail wagging, and ate from her hand. The third day, Casey was waiting for her in the brush and ran to her.


“How do dogs like him survive – there is an inner force that tells them just hang on, someone will save you,” writes Miss Becky. “That’s my opinion.”


Nervous but sweet, Casey had a lot to learn about life as a house dog after surviving on a mountainside and fending for himself. 

Casey came to Safe Hands and was welcomed into a loving foster home. He was nervous about a lot of things: coming out of his crate, being too close to people, sudden noises.  Even a coaster falling off a table or a ceiling fan could send him into hiding. Dogs like Casey, who have been alone for so long, take time to adjust to ‘the good life.’


As time went on, Casey’s sweet personality began to emerge.  Little joys, like rolling in the grass, or finally, blissfully sleeping without being on high alert, were big milestones.

Though Casey still needed more time to venture beyond the safe spaces of his home and yard, he was starting to become a dog who knew he was loved.  He earned the nickname Mr. Prancy Pants because of his daily morning dance routines, and discovered how much he liked to cuddle. He was so well loved that a member of his foster family decided to adopt him!


Casey is living his best life now.  He’s got a bed to sleep in, friends to play with, and yard critters to chase.  Best of all, he has his people.  Casey has come a long way from the fearful mountain dog, and though there are still new things to learn, he gets to learn them with a family of his own.


Written by Tiffany Joseph

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