Azalea Grace’s Story

Azalea Grace, a sweet four month old girl with the cutest little freckles, arrived at the Safe House late this spring. She was in desperate need of some loving humans to care for her fragile body and get her on the road to recovery. This little girl had quite the healing journey ahead of her.

Weeks of medicated baths to treat her raw skin, filling her belly with some good food, and getting her wrapped up in blankets to snuggle were in store for Azalea when she got to her foster home. 

It was amazing to see what just some basic care did to gain the trust of this little girl and allow her to shine. It didn’t take long for her to show signs of fur regrowth and for her spunky personality to come out. She started running, playing and just being the happy puppy that she should be. She immediately connected with her foster mom who continued to care for her tender skin and help her gain more confidence and strength until she was ready for adoption.

Sporting a little sundress (and a lot of sunscreen for her still-healing skin), Azalea Grace hit the town for Safe Hands’ first Meet-and-Greet of 2021. She greeted humans and dogs alike with her sweet, goofy personality and charmed everyone she met. 

It didn’t take long for this girl to find her humans. Azalea Grace, now just Grace, was adopted into a family that already had one Safe Hands Rescue alum in the house. Today, Grace is loving life playing and snuggling on the couch with her humans alongside sibling Roxxy. 

Grace is just one of the many examples of what a little love and access to important resources can do to change a life. This sweet girl was scared and weak when we first met her, and now she is truly living her best life. 

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Lynne Bengston

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