Kaden’s Story

When Kaden came to us at The Safe House she was barely holding on.  Now she is healthy, happy and home!  

Kaden went from one of the most severe mange cases we had ever seen to a thriving, active puppy who is now bringing nothing but joy to everyone she meets.



When Kaden arrived at the Safe House, over 70% of her body was without fur, she was nothing but skin and bones, her joints were inflamed, and she was too weak to stand. She needed medical treatment for  mange , antibiotics, good food, and a safe place to lay her head so she could rest and recover. She required round-the-clock care and feeding every couple of hours. For several days, it was touch and go and we didn’t know if Kaden would survive with all the challenges she faced.



But Kaden rallied.   With the support she needed Kaden gained strength day by day. She began to trust, and her body began to heal. Her big eyes started to show hope, not fear, and we celebrated every victory along the way. Soon, she was able to stand and then walk, her fur was starting to grow back and she was ready to head outside and explore. Her sweet personality began to shine.



After making so much progress at the Safe House, Kaden was ready to make the trip north and meet her foster family. She still had some healing to do, but we were confident she was well on her way to a full recovery. Thanks to a loving and patient foster mom, Kaden continued to get medicated baths and ointment applied every few days,she finished her antibiotics, her skin healed and her fur grew back. And, that new fur is so soft! As the physical pain faded away, Kaden became a happy, bouncy, playful puppy just like she should be. Her favorite toy wasa squeaky sock monkey that she carried around the house with her, and she loved playing with her foster siblings. Initially a bit shy around humans, she gained confidence, and fell in love with everyone she met.



Fast forward a few weeks and Kaden was ready to find her forever home. She had more than doubled in size, had a clean bill of health, and was full of joy. As soon as her future human met her, they were both in love. Today, with a new name, Beatrice Mae (nicknamed “BeeBee Mae”) is off to take on the world and all kinds of new adventures with her mom.



It’s so amazing to see this kind of transformation over just a few short months. It takes a lot of resources to care for pups like Kaden and it’s only possible thanks to the generosity of compassionate animal lovers. Thank you to everyone who makes this meaningful work possible. 

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