The Safe House – October 2021 Update

The need for Safe Hands to be here in Kentucky only continues to grow with each passing month. While 2020 may have been the year of the “pandemic puppy” the overall effect of COVID-19 on homeless pets is not good.  A combination of shelters temporarily closing or limiting hours last year meant fewer resources to help animals in need.  More homeless pets means more unwanted litters.  As the pandemic lingers and aid runs out, more people are struggling which means more pets are given up.


On our end, the current supply shortages resulting in high cost of raw materials means we haven’t been able to start on the renovation of the barn which is set to become an animal holding ward. We hope costs will normalize by spring or we will need to raise additional funds to finish it. In the meantime, we are operating with extremely limited space while trying to save as many lives as possible. 


Despite the challenges faced at The Safe House, there are so many beautiful moments. Watching tiny, critical Ayah gain weight, seeing Kaden stand for the first time, seeing the fear ease from a scared dog’s eyes, watching our adult dogs smile as they run the property and soak up the sun…I feel lucky to be a part of this turning point in their lives.


This past Friday we once again loaded up our transport van with as many hopeful kids as possible and sent them on their way up north. We watched as they drove away, on to loving foster homes and a new life. We cheered and smiled and just maybe there were a few happy tears, then went back inside. Some critically ill pups were too weak to make the journey and had to stay behind… they needed us, there wasn’t time to waste. 

This is what it’s really like at The Safe House. We have an incredible opportunity to put our hearts and souls into saving as many lives as we possibly can. So we do. This place is full almost all the time, and still we find ourselves unable to turn away the most vulnerable. Like Honey, who we found on Safe Hands’ 15th birthday just under a week ago.

Honey was dropped off at one of our partner shelters just 20 minutes before we arrived to vaccinate some kittens. She was sad, scared, and so tiny. We were completely full with just one day until transport but Jackie knew her best chance at survival was to come with us. We put together a crate that we placed on an exam table, one of the few spots left that we could possibly fit another kid. She got a good meal and a giant stuffed hedgehog to cuddle.


Two days ago Honey was with her mom and siblings.  One day ago she was given away at a festival.  Her whole world changed, everything was new and scary.  She did what any baby would do…she cried.  Her sadness and fear landed her at the shelter.  And now she was here.  For the rest of the day Honey alternated between sleeping and shivering in the corner of her kennel as we did our best to comfort her.

Honey was able to make the trip up north the very next day thanks to a foster family who opened their home and heart for her.  Before she left, Honey showed us what a difference one night can make when it’s filled with love and comfort.  In the morning she began to play and hop around!  


Honey arrived in MN exhausted from her long trip and slept through the night. On Sunday morning she was up and ready to go.  She got to play outside with one of the resident dogs, Casey (a Safe Hands’ rescue from this summer who had been living alone on a mountain before coming to Safe Hands). They chased each other in the fallen leaves, one rescue pup helping another. 

What a difference just four days can make. On Thursday she was shaking and terrified. By Sunday she was playing in a garden, happy and carefree like a puppy should be. Honey is safe in Minnesota because of you. Because of you, the fear and uncertainty she felt is behind her now. Because of you, she’ll live in a loving foster home until she’s ready to be adopted. The difference these four days make is all thanks to you and your support for The Safe House and Safe Hands Rescue.


With big love and so much gratitude,


Lynne Bengtson

Executive Director and Founder

Safe Hands Rescue

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