Cosmo’s Story

Cosmo came from a home that surrendered ten dogs and puppies at the same time. They had far too many animals and were not able to care for them all, there was not enough food to go around.  This caused fights to break out and little Cosmo was badly injured. So, with a large, badly infected wound under his neck, this little 15 pound, four month old guy found himself alone in a shelter. Thankfully, it was one of the Safe Hands partner shelters, and we were able to get him out and start caring for his wound. 

Surgery was needed to clean the wound, remove debris, and stitch it back up.

Cosmo recovered comfortably at The Safe House and got the care he so desperately needed. He is an incredibly sweet pup who loves to cuddle, play and get as many belly rubs as we can manage. When other puppies were getting pets and snuggles. Cosmo often sat down and patiently waited for his turn. Despite all he’s been through in his young life, this little boy is an absolute gem. And look at those ears!

Over the weekend Cosmo made the journey up north to Minnesota. By Saturday night he was in his new foster home, and his foster family is already in love with him! He quickly warmed up to the resident dog and cat. Soon he was playing hide and seek with the cat and running around with the dog. Cosmo sleeps in the bed with his foster parents and has discovered the joy of going on walks. Welcome to this exciting new chapter in your life, Cosmo! We’re so glad you’re a Safe Hands kid.

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Shannon Lundquist

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