Adoption Updates

Sprocket, Adopted March 2021
“We absolutely love Sprocket and he is doing wonderfully! He loves mealtime, snuggles, going
to the groomers, his best friend Nala (our Great Pyrenees) and taking walks. We are forever
grateful to Anna, his foster parent, for all she did to create a foundation for him to thrive like he
has.” – Karin

Alfred, formerly Jarvis, Adopted January 2023
“Alfred has been lovely. He’s extremely intelligent and loves to learn. Everyone who has met
him can’t believe how mellow and kind he is.” – Karcyn and David

Gambit, formerly Gilbert, Adopted January 2023
“Gambit’s doing great. He’s definitely done some growing, especially recently. He’s up to 25
pounds. He loves people and gets excited to see anyone. He’s learning social skills with other
dogs at puppy kindergarten as well as trips to the pet store and our local dog-friendly tap room.
He’s still trying to learn what to expect from our cats when they cross paths. He’s been enjoying
outdoor time when it’s not too cold and he did great at the vet for a check up!” –Andy

Ella, Adopted January 2023
“Ella is a great girl who loves to come to work, go on walks, play with other dogs and snuggle on the couch.” –Mitch

Manny, formerly Nate, Adopted January 2023
“This little guy is so much fun, a charmer, extremely social, and very smart. He loves being a
little brother to Gus and Simon. He also loves meeting people and other dogs and enjoys ‘Pint-
Sized Play.’ He may be small, but he’s got a big personality and is just an all-around great dog.
We are so happy he’s part of our little pack. Thank you, Safe Hands!” –Julia and Sean

Georgie, formerly Eden, Adopted February 2023 and Milo, formerly Jericho, Adopted August

“I often say Milo is the best impulsive decision I’ve ever made. He is the greatest dog;
everything we didn’t know our family needed. Then came sweet baby Georgie; the perfect
Valentine’s gift and an awesome addition. These two are inseparable wrestlers, snugglers, and
lovers of their family.” –Kate

General, formerly Edgar, Adopted February, 2022 and Duke, formerly Gage, Adopted October

“We added General to our family just over a year ago. He has boundless energy and he tried so
hard to get our 15-year- old dog to play. I finally realized he needed a real playmate, and I
knew just where to look for a companion. Coincidence had it that Safe Hands had a rescue
event two miles from our house, a rare south of the river event! There were so many great
puppies, but this was to be General’s pick. We had three siblings brought to our house for
General to meet. I wish we could have kept them all, but the bravest of the group, Gage, picked
General to be his lifetime bestie. The two pups are inseparable, with a shared love of sticks,
romps at the lake, playing tug of war, wrestling, and walks in the park. Who knew what we
really needed was two dogs? General did!” –Lisa

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