Happy Tails – Adoption Updates

Canton (fka Brix), Adopted May 2012

We adopted Canton the day we moved into our house just before we got married. In the years since, he has welcomed two children, become frenemies with the resident cat (who licks Canton to clean his fur), hiked countless miles across Minnesota, and spent a lot of time enjoying the local dog parks. He is a great dog and he is still enthusiastically stealing food from counters and jogging a few miles several days a week, even at his advanced age and following removal of a slow-growing soft-tissue sarcoma from his front left leg earlier this year. We are grateful to Safe Hands for rescuing Canton so he could be a member of our family for these many amazing years. We are looking forward to several more.”

Ms. Mittens, Adopted August 2022

“We adopted Ms. Mittens about a year ago and she’s been such a blessing to our home. She has SO much energy and has also captured the heart of our neighbor girl who watches her when we’re away. It took a minute for her new brother Lunchbox to warm up to her but now they are found snuggling most afternoons. In fact, our nephew Ian visited a few months ago and caught the moment with his camera and entered his photo in the Steele County Free Fair. He won a first place ribbon!”
– Megan

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