Teeth pierced his flesh as Elliot screamed. He didn’t know what he had done to bring on such pain. He was just a tiny baby, no more than 7 weeks old. He weighed barely 3 lbs. By the time it was over his small frame was covered in puncture wounds and he lay motionless.

It would be a few days before Elliot’s owners sought help and he ended up at The Safe House. By then infection from his wounds coursed through his body. He was barely hanging on. With intensive care, fluid therapy, antibiotics and medicated baths Elliot rallied. It was nothing short of a miracle for one so small and young. Harboring no ill will for his traumatic beginning, Elliot was simply happy and grateful. He was safe, he had good food and fresh water, a soft blanket, toys and a littermate to keep him company. He was the happiest puppy, all smiles and sunshine and love. All was good.

But then Elliot started coughing. He declined rapidly. His little body had been so ravaged already he had nothing left to fight with. He struggled to breathe and he needed emergency care. With no reserves left, Elliot’s simple kennel cough had quickly turned to pneumonia.

We rushed him to Blue Pearl. Elliot is currently receiving intensive care and is on high flow oxygen. He is once again fighting for his life. Elliot needs your help now. His hospital stay will be at least $3,500. Can you be part of Elliot’s healing with a donation to his care? If it is within your means, please give Elliot the best chance to have the great life he so deserves. Please click here to donate to Elliot’s care!

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